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Is This Too Much?

Is This Too Much?
I have never had a tattoo. However, my daughter has a tattoo of her nick name with a design underneath on her lower leg. While writing this article, I asked her was she happy with her tattoo and she responded "yes." Post your comments.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

What Are Your Views About Tattoos

Why Get a Tattoo and Then Remove It?

As Mike kisses Kathy's neck, he whispers in her ear, "I love the new tattoo design on your thigh with my name. It was made for two lovers." Mike places his hands around Kathy's slender waist and gently smiles with a look as if they had just met. The two enjoyed a blissful relationship for about three years. Now Kathy is in a dilemma. What about Mike's name tattooed on her thigh? In fact the relationship soured so that Kathy despises Mike. Kathy along with many others is feeling the frustration of removing an unwanted tattoo. After some research, Kathy learned that it is easier getting a tattoo than having one removed. Removal can be painful, time-consuming and expensive.

Researchers have found that 83% of individuals love their tattoos regardless. However 17% of individuals who felt at the time that getting a tattoo was a fashion statement, popular, unique or for whatever reasons would like the tattoo removed. These tattoo owners range from teenagers to business people who would like to transition from one phase of their life to another seem to regret that one night of fun or spur of the moment decision.

Researchers found that 69 % of women had their tattoo removed while men averaged at 31 %which was double that of women. Researcher found that women were more likely to remove a tattoo due to social stigma. On the other hand men seem to find tattoos more socially accepted. This may prompt you to question why. In 2006 a team of researchers from Texas Tech University did a study on tattoo removal at dermatology clinics in Arizona, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Texas to answer the questions of who removes their tattoos and why do they remove them. The results of the Armstrong team are presented in the article “Motivation for Contemporary Tattoo Removal: A Shift in Identity,” within the journal Archives of Dermatology. These researchers examined 196 patients visiting these clinics in 2006.The study involved 66 men and 130 women. Most of the 196 patients decided to have a tattoo at the ages of 16-23, however; at the age of 30 these individuals decided to remove the tattoo.

Their findings are as follows:
Why a tattoo?

· 44% wanted to feel unique
· 33% wanted to feel independent
· 28% said that they did it because of a special occasion

Why remove the tattoo?
· 58% just decided to remove them
· 57% said it caused embarrassment
· 38% felt that body image is lessened because of the body
art/new job or career
· 37% had problems while choosing clothing
· 25 % said that they felt ashamed.

This brings us to the question: What are some ways to remove an unwanted tattoo? Here are some suggestions.

1. Laser removal by plastic surgeons and dermatologists which could take up to 12 treatments. This is the most effective and expensive way.
2. FDA approved fade creams which reports a painless removal.

If you decide to get a tattoo, there are some colors such as black that remove easier than others. Also look into what type of ink is used will be beneficial. There are some inks that promote easy removal. However, everyone should think seriously before making a tattoo decision. Article by Misty:

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